Aqueos Anti-Microbial Horse Shampoo
Code:   (Aqueos1l)

Aqueos Anti-microbial Shampoo contains a water based disinfectant which kills 99.999% of most bacteria, fungi & viruses - including STRANGLES and RINGWORM. The shampoo is fast acting and kills known micro-organisms within 30 seconds of contact.

The shampoo is powerful but gentle to the horse's skin.  It will help disinfect minor skin wounds and will have a soothing effect on minor skin irritations, leaving the coat, mane and tail feeling soft.

Alcohol free and environmentally friendly

Reduces risk of cross contamination as part of a general stable hygiene regime.

For further info on this amazing product please  click here for a 2 page information document.

1 litre shampoo



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